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Anyone who wants to work independently & who wants to help others is an ideal candidate to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. Continue reading!


Dr. Jo Ana Starr, PhD, DD, CCHT, CHI


Good News!

If you'd like to help others professionally with Hypnosis, it's easier & more affordable than you might think.

     Imagine being able to train with the prestigious New England Institute of Hypnotherapy and begin a rewarding career as a Certified Hypnotist for less than $500 !!  Keep reading!!!  You will be able to help others, friends, family and yourself to create positive, dynamic changes in your lives.  Imagine... if you could re-train your brain to facilitate everything you want, how much better your life would be right now!  For most of us, life would be a whole lot better!  On a professional note, you can also use your training to develop a Hypnosis practice and help others to achieve their dreams while creating a comfortable income for yourself. Win-win!

Do you want to lose weight or stop smoking ?  Do you have a phobia that you'd like to be free of? Do you have a loved one you'd like to help who struggles with a debilitating issue?  Or like many, have you always wanted your own business- a way to work at your own pace and have control of both your income and your work schedule?  This remarkable training opportunity opens the door to all of the above possibilities for peanuts! 

I Can Help You!

My name is Dr. Jo Ana Starr, and I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with 30 years experience in the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  My academic background includes these areas of study- Education, English, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Psychology.  As a social scientist I became fascinated with the power that personal beliefs seemed to hold on the individuals I worked with.  I wanted to learn more so I trained in 1987 to become a Certified Hypnotherapist.  Through client results, I grew to believe deeply in the Hypnotic process, and have since helped hundreds of clients and thousands of students to achieve their personal goals. The more I worked in the field, the more I learned and the more committed I became to improving our profession.  I decided to develop a quality training program based on sound psychological principles and about 8 years later founded the  New England Institute of Hypnotherapy  Check out our student reviews!



At NEIH, it's all about you; our focus is the student, making quality training material available affordably and providing quality support.  Offering Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Training Programs is the only thing we do at NEIH.  In the last 19 years, we have graduated more than 5200 well-trained Certified Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy professionals, and we've love to welcome you to the NEIH training family!

Have you always wanted to work professionally or are you working as a professional in a career that is no longer fulfilling? 

This is your opportunity to train in the most popular behavioral modification therapy available to clients today, Clinical Hypnosis, a field that does not require years of training in order to practice.  Those with a high school diploma, GED, or college degree are welcome to enroll in any of the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy training programs!  At NEIH, we know that your success as a Clinical Hypnosis professional has less to do with the years of education you have completed, and more to do with your motivation to succeed.  This is your opportunity to change your life by training you to enter the fast-growing field of Clinical Hypnosis.   NEIH grads charge from $120-$300. hourly based on their geographic location and experience, and just as important, they have the pleasure of being paid to help others to achieve their goals.


OK, let's say that you really don't intend to practice Clinical Hypnosis.  You just want to learn how to use Hypnosis successfully.  Let's imagine you really want to work on a few personal issues with Hypnosis.  Perhaps you really want to lose weight and have tried just about everything else and nothing worked.  Good news!!

DO IT YOURSELF!!   Working with a professional Certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist can be expensive!  As we mentioned above, NEIH graduates in the US are charging $150-$400. per session and recommend a minimum of 3 sessions and frequently 6-8 sessions, depending on what you want your Hypnosis sessions to achieve and the geographic location of the practice.  This entire training program costs what one or two professional Hypnosis sessions would cost!  Train through NEIH, become certified as a Hypnotist, and DIY!  

Fortunately, after completing the  program, you can use the training any way you choose.  Years ago, we trained a college student who took the training for the sole purpose of helping himself with a few issues, then his friends wanted sessions, and finally he created a website offering custom Hypnosis sessions which enabled him to give up the lawn care business he'd been running to fund his college expenses. Total win-win for him and all the people he helped!

If you're still reading this, then you clearly have an interest in learning how to use Hypnosis effectively.  And at $497, you cannot find a better professional Hypnosis Certification training opportunity anywhere. Right here, right now, you can enroll in this Hypnosis Certification training  program from a highly-regarded training company, New England Institute of Hypnotherapy for only $497,   See what our grads have to say about NEIH!



If you enroll in the CH200 in the next 48 hours, you will also receive a video recorded Live Hypnosis Session.  This is a $89.  value that affords you an opportunity to watch an actual Hypnosis session being conducted !!



For those of you who have wanted to earn a  Hypnosis Certification, but couldn't find an affordable, quality training program, here's the opportunity you've been looking for.  For those of you who have some issues that you like to address with Hypnosis, here's a way to experience professional-quality Hypnosis with a person you trust, yourself !!  We invite you to invest in yourself and your future by joining the NEIH training family.  If you have questions or if you'd prefer to enroll by phone, please call our office at 888-457-7999.



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If However, You Want to Improve the Quality of Your Life, Help Others, and Improve Your Finances,  BUY THIS TRAINING!

You have nothing to lose and much to gain!  Join us in this great learning experience!  Click below to invest in yourself, in a better future, and a happier you !  We accept all major credit cards and offer a training guarantee!!  If you have any questions, be sure to call us at 888-457-7999.

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